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While we certainly do not all speak in the same tongue, there are some aspects of our world that are a sort of universal language. One of them is science and all of its various strains look to discover, explain and improve the world around us on a daily basis. Biotechnology works in the field of applied biology and uses engineering, medicine, and technology in conjunction with living organisms and bioprocesses. We can see the work of scientists in this field in everything from the medication a man takes for a heart condition to the growing of the crops that hit our dinner table each night.

This is one of the rising industries in the world over the last few decades and the need for people and companies in the trade seems to be endless. There are hundred of companies and researchers in British Columbia alone that are working in biopharmaceuticals, developing bioproducts and working in bioenergy. We here at BC Biotech want to promote those businesses and show you why it is essential that they not only thrive but grow and multiply. If you want to understand the processes you first need to understand bioenergy.

It is a very unique science to be working in. Not only do researchers and scientists draw from the pure biological sciences (genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, etc) but they also need to have a keen understanding on elements of engineering, biorobotics, and information technology. We also want to do our part to help create some of the next generation's great thinkers by telling you how you can go about studying this science in school and which institutions are known for their program.

This is an industry that is ever changing and if you want to stay on top of the field than you need to keep yourself informed. One small discovery by a lab all the way in France could lead researchers in Canada to the next huge global discovery. We hope to scan everything from national newspapers to local publications to find out everything that might be important to those working in this field and pass it on to you.

People have actually been using some of the practices of biotechnology for centuries within agriculture and other aspects of daily life. Before we got to working with complex machines and things like telecom management were a part of the everyday life there was selective breeding helping to improve crop production centuries ago and the hints of microbiology at the beginning of the twentieth century. We will also explore here where it all began and how far we have come in a relatively short time. This might inspire you to see just how much further we could go in the short span of a lifetime.

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