Biotechnology is one of the major rising economic sectors in the country and the world. And with that comes a wealth of potential job opportunities for those living in Ottawa or on the other side of the country in Victoria. If you're thinking of pursuing a career in biotech than you're first going to need to get the right training. There are many places where you can choose to study within Canada.

There are so many different applications for biotechnology, from treating waste to drug production, and you should have an idea about which sector might be right for you before choosing a program. Canada is actually one of the leading countries for research on this subject and you can find a number of programs where you can study. It was a Canadian that discovered insulin in 1922 and now there are scientists here working on genome sequencing, breast cancer research, and boosting immune systems.

You will find that most of the scientific research that is done in Canada starts at the university level and you should know what the top professors at each school are focusing on before choosing between them. There are also a number of different degrees that a person can take that might lead to a career in biotechnology. You might want to start with a Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology and move through a Masters and PhD on the same subject or could begin your studies in Chemistry, Genetics, or even Cell Biology.

This is certainly a field that is ever-changing and you should make sure that you're excited about the sort of research that you will be allowed to participate in at the school of your choice. You might find an advisor living nearby who could set you up with a job after graduation or could move through the school system and eventually start teaching your own classes and building your own research projects. Whether you're thinking of working in healthcare or forestry it seems that this is a sector where the possibilities are endless.

There are ten universities in Canada that offer a Bachelor in Biotechnology and four that have Masters programs on the same subject. There are also a handful of colleges that have diploma programs offered on this subject. But you should remember that you could enter graduate studies with many different backgrounds in the sciences. Choose the program that most fits your interests and skills.

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