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When you're applying for college the number one thing that those looking at are applications will be focusing on is your grades. But that's not the only thing they will be considering to help you not gain admission and even be eligible for some scholarships. If you're planning to study something in the field of biotechnology or one of the other sciences and you want to get into the best programs and maybe even have some of your tuition paid for than you might think about getting some volunteer experience.

The job market for a number of different industries is becoming more competitive with each passing year and this is filtering down to the amount of people that are applying for post-secondary education. While you still might be able to find a decent paying job working in a factory or an office without some sort of degree you will need it for the majority of jobs within the sciences. If you have some volunteer experience on your school application that shows a number of different things to the admission officers. It implies that you are good at managing your time and maybe even that you have some experience working with people who design machines or work in a medical lab.

With science degrees like those in biotechnology you will get a lot of time doing actual experiments and learning practical skills that you would use on the job working with in biological medicine or on developing new fuel methods. But there is nothing that beats working out in the field as an intern. This is a job that you can do for the summer or as an afterschool activity and is usually something that you will need to set up on your own. If there are no science related internships in your area that you can take advantage of than any sort of job experience could help you gain admission. You could spend your March Break working with builders and brokers for an organization like Habitat for Humanity or could spend some time coaching a kid's sports team.

If you're between jobs and are looking to beef up your resume than you might also see the benefits of volunteer experience. Instead of sitting at home and reading magazines with hair removal reviews or celebrity gossip you could be gaining new skills working in marketing for an arts organization or helping to plan a charity dinner. Not only will this give you some more stuff to put on your resume but it will give you something productive to do with your time off.

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